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Singer songwriter Hayley Marsten is thrilled to announce her highly anticipated new album GIRLHOOD, set for release on June 16 through new label, Cheatin’ Hearts Records. View here.

Hayley explains, “I worked on the recording of Girlhood for over a year, which is completely different to how I’ve made records before. I worked with a production team who also played all the instruments you hear on the album and happen to be people who I have known for a very long time and who have seen me and my career move from the very early days. My co-executive producer, Cody McWaters had a few ARIA wins for his engineering work last year but I met him on the first day of pre-school back in our hometown. Our co-producers Michael Moko played on my first ever EP, Kieran Stevenson who plays keys in my band and is my most prolific co-writer and Dan Sugars who is the drummer in my band, a great producer and also my partner. Working with this team was such an easy and relaxed process, I think you can hear that in the record because I have never taken so many risks vocally or musically on any of my past records. And I think it’s because these are some of the people who know me best so they knew how to get the best out of me and I knew that if I fell flat on my face with an idea, the failure would only lead to something even better.  

“For me, Girlhood is the album I wanted and needed to hear when I was younger. Everything from the songs down to the way the album looks was really inspired by who I so badly wanted to be when I was a teenager and I’m really proud of what I made for that younger self.”

Current single from the album is I Am a Rich Man, with its compelling girl power video – view here. Written with Imogen Clark, the single is a guitar-drenched anthemic tribute to Cher’s iconic quote, “I don’t need to marry a rich man, Mom, I am a rich man” and celebrates women’s right to choose whatever path they want in life regardless of what convention states. The album also features previous singles Drowning MyselfI’m Fine, Thanks and Bittersweet at Best.

Hayley’s sharp pen and open heart garnered widespread praise on her stellar debut, Spectacular Heartbreak in 2019. The album collected multiple award nominations, including Alt-Country Album of the Year at the Golden Guitars and Country Work of the Year at the Queensland Music Awards in 2020. The record also racked up over half a million streams and was crowdfunded for over $17k.

Four years on from her debut, Hayley has signed with Cheatin Hearts Records for the release of Girlhood – which is already award-nominated via Drowning Myself (Country Work at The Queensland Music Awards 2022) and was crowdfunded with over $20k.

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