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Jo Cassley Shares The Joy Of Teenage Parenthood



“Take Me to The Boozer” is the brand new single from Southern Highland’s singer-songwriter, Jo Caseley, and it’s a fun spin on the traditional ‘drinking song’.

Any parent who has raised teenagers will instantly relate to this honest to the bone track, with the down to earth mother claiming she can only share her experience as a parent through a what-you-see-is-what-you-get; warts and all basis, which at times may include dropping the ball as a parent and hitting the boozer.

“It’s a snapshot of a moment in time when your teens push you beyond breaking point. You dream of being able to flick a switch back to those carefree days; when you could hit the boozer and get drunk and dance on tables without all the stress of raising teenagers who are full of attitude. The song’s a bit of fun, sticking it to my cheeky teens.”, laughs Jo.

“I hope it reaches other parents who may be going through a trying time with their teens and realise they’re not alone. I hope it makes them laugh. It’s OK to have a bad parenting day and hit the boozer occasionally or stay home and meditate if you’re better disciplined as I’ve tried to teach myself. As parents, we just need to do whatever gets us through.”

Recorded at The Rabbit Hole Recording Studio on the Central Coast with the backing band of one of Jo’s greatest influences, Kasey Chambers, this sultry Americana number is dripping in western swagger and features Bill Chambers and Brandon Dodd on guitars, Jeff McCormack on bass and Syd Green on drums.

“Take Me to The Boozer” is the third single lifted from Jo’s anticipated new album, “High on Heart Strings”,which is due in the final quarter of 2023.

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