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Spotlight On…..Hudson Rose



Hudson Rose, a rising independent voice of the Australian Country Music scene, is set to ignite country music lovers with her latest single, “Dancing On The Tables”, slated for release 30th October 2023.

Following the chart-topping success of “Rules of Breaking Up”, which secured a place in the ‘Top 10’ on the Australian Country Radio charts, Hudson continues to carve a name for herself and captivate audiences with her signature sound and take on life. “Dancing on the Tables” is an infectious vibe that embraces the essence of being young and bussin’ into the weekend.

At just 21, Hudson Rose’s fresh approach connects with people from all walks of life. “This single is all about the blur of a night out with your besties and hangin’ to do it all over again,” says Hudson. “Whether you’re a tradie, in the office, on the road, studying your life away or anything in between, it’s time to celebrate, get out with your mates and have a good time”.

With its catchy, upbeat summer vibe, “Dancing on the Tables” celebrates letting go of the working week, living life to the fullest and making memories on the weekend with late nights and neon lights. “Sometimes there’s no stoppin’ at one. It’s about being young, fun, and just a little undone,” says Hudson. Whether you’re reminiscing about your own wild nights or creating new stories to tell with, there’s no stopping with this track.

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