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Follow Tori Darke To ‘Somewhere In Mexico’



Get ready to turn up the heat this summer because acclaimed country-pop singer-songwriter Tori Darke is back with a scorching new single, “Somewhere in Mexico.”  Call this your official invitation to live life to the fullest this summer. “Somewhere in Mexico” is the soundtrack of your sun-soaked, soul-sipping adventures in 2023.

“While “Somewhere in Mexico” is a metaphor for that place that lets you be you, it’s not necessarily a physical place on a map; it’s that moment when you find your own personal paradise, whether it’s behind the wheel, out with friends, or on a spontaneous road trip.

“For me, it’s the chance to throw caution to the wind, sip on tequila, and take a dip in the moonlit waters. In a world where the daily grind often consumes us, “Somewhere in Mexico” is an escape—a call to let loose and embrace the wild side of life. It’s about shedding inhibitions and surrendering to the thrill of the moment.”

Tori Darke is a familiar face in the world of country music, known for her powerful vocals and heartfelt storytelling. With a string of hit singles and a passionate fan base, Tori is poised to make a lasting mark on the country music scene. 2023 has already been a big year for the 5-foot country diva. Getting married, six international trips, festivals and over 100,000 streams following the release of “Feelin’ It” and “Dodged a Bullet” have ensured continued success.

Previous single ‘Feelin’ It’ was added to all major country music stations including KIX Country, ABC Country, Triple M Country, iHeartCountry and Australian Country Radio.  High rotation radio play combined with major Spotify support on ‘Fresh Country’ and Apple Music Playlist ‘Aussie Country’ has seen Tori as one of our most celebrated country music artists.

A constant fan favourite at festivals and events, 2023 has seen Tori successfully sell out her own headlining show at The Beer Shed in Sydney, performed at Tamworth Country Music Festival, The Big Chill Festival (Armidale) alongside Dragon and Birds of Tokyo, Oberon Rodeo, Nude Up with Adam Brand and a New Zealand solo tour which included a performance at Tussock Country Music Festival,

Get ready to celebrate all things summer, with “Somewhere in Mexico’s”upbeat, fun vibes. It’s the bop you will want to listen to while enjoying tequila at sunset on a beach.


Saturday 2nd December

Cooma Races

Alpine Hotel

Cooma NSW

Sunday 31st December

Koshigava Park

Campbelltown NSW

Thursday 25th January

Tamworth Country Music Festival 


(Performing with Lee Kernaghan) 

Tamworth NSW

Friday 26th January

Tamworth Country Music Festival

Coastal Cowgirl’s Tour (with Jade Holland and Hudson Rose)

The Events Centre

West Leagues Club


Tickets –

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Jayne Denham Shares Her “Moonshine”



In the latest episode of the Country HQ Spotlight On podcast, we are over the moon to be welcoming special guest Jayne Denham, wherein listeners can expect an engaging conversation about her journey in the music industry. Known for her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Jayne Denham has made waves in the country music landscape, and are a feature of her latest album MOONSHINE.

Hosted by Adam Simon, the podcast delves into Jayne’s artistic vision, influences, and experiences that have shaped her career.

Whether you’re a die-hard country music enthusiast or simply curious about the stories behind the songs, this podcast provides an intimate look into the lives of artists like Jayne Denham.

So grab your headphones, tune in, and immerse yourself in the world of country music with Jayne Denham as your guide!

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Caitlyn Shadbolt Returns With All Star Single



Caitlyn Shadbolt’s “Country Music Never Made More Sense” is her latest single release after a short break. Melanie Dyer, Sammy White, and Sarah Buckley form a formidable trio to join Caitlyn on the single, which is a playful tribute to country music. All of them, plus Camille Trail, contributed to the composition of the song during a girls’ songwriting weekend.

“’I got together with the girls for a writing weekend. We planned to be all professional and split into groups and write in the studio, but we ended up having a couple of wines and writing this song around the fire! I feel like this song is extra relevant right now as country music is cranking and it’s never made more sense!”

Caitlyn Shadbolt is a top songwriter and performer in Australia’s modern country music scene. With the help of ABC MUSIC, Caitlyn was able to release her first album, “Songs On My Sleeve” (May 2017), after reaching the finals of Season 6 of The ‘X Factor’ Australia (2014). The album debuted at number one on the ARIA Country Albums chart upon its release. For eight weeks running, the lead single “My Break Up Anthem” was the most played song on Country Radio, and it also topped the CountryTown National Airplay Chart, while the CMC Award for Best New Artist and a nomination for Female Artist of the Year were both given to Caitlyn in recognition of her accomplishments.

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“A Bird That Won’t Sing” Comes Straight From The ‘Hart’



“In The Midnight Sky Alone” is the most recent album by soulful alt-country troubadour Rick Hart of Melbourne, Australia and the single “A Bird That Won’t Sing” is the new single from the album.

Rick Hart’s signature style is a melodically flowing, harmony-laden environment overlaid with the profound grief of his words and visuals. All of Hart’s tracks have the signature Americana and country sounds that make him unique. There is a noticeable amount of Wilco and The Jayhawks influence.

An emotionally charged story on the harsh truth of heartbreak. Everything that was once is gone, and with it comes an unwavering sense of regret and the knowledge that change is inevitable.

“Rick Hart writes and delivers beautiful country songs – they are thoughtful, poignant, heartbreaking and smart,” remarked legendary Australian musician and songwriter Lachlan Bryan of Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes and The Pleasures, who co-produced Hart’s third long play . “I wanted to work on this record because I already believed every word he sings, and after spending weeks in the studio with Rick and his guitar, I now KNOW them all to be true”

Early reviews of the album indicate it’s amazing reach and potential to appear on several year end top ten lists, even though we are not even at the halfway point yet.

Based on Michael George Smith’s review of the album ‘In The Midnight Sky Alone’ in Rhythms Magazine, “the songwriter that the record portrays is a storyteller of the heart.”

“You really should listen to this album in its entirety because, first, if you skip around, you’ll miss out on some of the characters and stories told throughout, and second, if you just listen to a couple of songs, you won’t get nearly the whole experience that this album offers. I get that we live in a singles-based culture, and I’ll admit that there are a number of tracks that would grab my attention if I only listened to the singles, but listening to the entire album has been incredibly rewarding.”
‘In The Midnight Sky Alone’ album review in RAGMAG

“Hart is a refreshing counterpart to the plethora of male singers who have gone awry of country tradition. Hart is a perfect antidote to whatever bro-hangover still looms over us and has the same refreshing appeal that Sam Outlaw’s debut album had”. For The Country Record

“This is impressive songwriting! The melodic aspects perfectly capture the emotional tone of the songs. The classic alt country/R&B musical aspects are brilliant. It’s a genuine pleasure to review this exceptionally high level of songwriting.“ The Great American Songwriting Contest

“With his deeply soulful voice, Rick Hart journeys to the heart of modern Americana-alt-country, where frankness, sadness and songs collide.” Greg Arnold (Things of Stone and Wood)

“I’ve worked with Rick Hart, and he’s a superb songwriter! Rick’s music is a unique combination of roots and country.” – Bill Chambers (Australian Country Music Icon) –

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