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Time To Get Back On The Drink



The EP “Back on the Drink” by Dave Favours & the Roadside Ashes is what you’re going to be listening to this summer…..or else!

The band’s love of Oz indie rock is evident in this 4-track EP, even with their alt-country leanings. This is a purposeful stand-alone document of the band’s current state rather than a stopgap until their next full-length release.

With a number of songs ready, Favours and company made the decision to record these tracks in order to start working on what was intended to be their next album. “Once we heard the rough mixes back, it felt like a complete release at four tracks,” says Dave.

“Once we heard the rough mixes back, it somehow felt like a complete release at 4 tracks. I then started thinking about all the great Australian 4-track EPs that I fell in love with as a kid – from bands like the Saints, the Screaming Tribesmen, Midnight Oil, the Hard-Ons and the Johnnys. It just felt right to down tools and finish the project without recording any more songs.” Dave Favours

Speaking of The Johnnys, it seems appropriate that the EP includes a rendition of Bleeding Heart by the notorious local cowpunks, one of Favour’s all-time fave bands and major influences, in addition to three new original songs.

Ray Ahn, a bassist for the Hard-Ons and a living legend, created the stunning artwork for this album. “Having Ray create a piece for one of my releases has long been a goal of mine. I chose to get in touch with Ray, and to my amazement, he said yes” said Dave.

The album features lots of the band’s signature country-infused sound as well, from the title tune, which is loaded with pedal steel, to the twangy opening cut, All Caught Up.

The past few concerts have been a touch quiet after an incredible 2022, but things are about to change. The boys, who are renowned for having a good time when on tour, will be travelling in January and February 2024 to promote the release. Their first tour of Tasmania and a return visit to the Tamworth Country Music Festival are among the stops on their itinerary. You can definitely say that Dave Favours and The Roadside Ashes are “Back On The Drink”.

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