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Adam Brand Resonates With ‘Sleepless Nights’



“Sleepless Nights” is the title of Adam Brand’s latest single, which was released by the renowned Australian country music artist. In light of the tragic occurrence that occurred with the family house catching fire just a few weeks before Christmas the previous year, the song, which was written earlier in 2023, struck a chord with Brand on a profound level. As a result of the fact that no one was hurt, this song has taken on a new significance and emerged as a reflection of Adam’s feelings regarding his position within his family.

As a father I believe my job is to protect my family with every fibre of my being and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my children. As parents we all know that the weight of that responsibility sometimes feels overwhelming. One day my baby girls will have their own family and will experience sleepless nights as they pace the floor trying to figure out life’s many challenges….but not tonight.”

Throughout his already remarkable career, Adam Brand has been honoured with a total of twelve Golden Guitars and has been nominated for six ARIA Awards. He has received eight CMC Oz Artist of the Year Awards, in addition to three platinum albums and five gold albums, which he has released throughout 15 studio recordings. At the Golden Guitar Awards this year, Adam Brand was the recipient of a nomination for Vocal Collaboration.

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