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Spotlight On….Tom Harrison



Since bursting onto the music scene in 2018 with his band Hugo Stranger and the RattlersTom Harrison has been making all kinds of noise ever since.

After finding success with Hugo StrangerHarrison built a home studio, which  finally gave him the push to revisit a long shelved concept album about a road trip he took with his wife in 2017 across North America. 

Living in a Chevy van they travelled through Canada and down the west coast of America for a year. The first taste of the upcoming EP titled ‘Old Growth’ was the single ‘How Long’ was released mid 2023 and since then Tom Harrison has gone from strength to strength and people are taking notice. 

 Since its release ‘How Long’ has landed Harrison in the semi finals out of 300 songs for Listen Up Music’s songwriting prize and he has performed at multiple festivals throughout QLD. His newest release ‘Start Again’ sees him venturing into the Americana-Country genre as he laments on starting afresh. Tom Harrison, revealed the songs’ inspiration.

“If my first song ‘How Long’ was about reflecting on this overseas trip I took and how I spent my time, ‘Start Again’ is very much about the start of the journey and telling myself that there’s so much out there to explore and create or recreate in myself. Seize the day!” 

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