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Tami Neilson Records New Single At Willie’s Luck Ranch



One of Tami’s favourite songs from Willie Nelson’s vast library, “Sister’s Coming Home,” would be the perfect way to commemorate her homecoming to the legendary Luck Reunion Festival that takes place on his ranch. Featuring the talented Nicky Diamonds, a native Texan and member of The Black Opry, and produced by the legendary Pedernales Studio’s own GRAMMY winner Steve Chadie, Tami gushed about how meaningful it was to record this song for a number of reasons:

“Growing up performing in a family band, I’ve always loved this song from a sibling perspective. This track documents the first time me and my two brothers have recorded music together in 25 years. It wasn’t planned- Jay performs and tours with me regularly and our little brother Todd creates my visuals and has produced many of my music videos and album covers throughout my career. Todd was there to film and document this project- which was supposed to be just Jay and I recording a little acoustic love letter to Willie for his 90th birthday present. We walked into the studio and Chadie had scavenged around the studio for some percussion and rustled up a kick, snare and a floor tom- (no cymbals a la Willie!) I asked Todd if he would mind hopping on the makeshift kit and The Neilson Family was reunited once again!”

In 2023, following their unexpected live performance of “Beyond the Stars” at Luck Reunion in 2022, Tami and Willie took home the trophy for “BEST COUNTRY SONG 2023” from the Country Music Awards in New Zealand. Neilson has informed Willie that she will be bringing the plaque to give him for his collection. “You know, just in case he wants to display it alongside his fourteen Grammys!” she exclaims while laughing.

“Sister’s Coming Home” is the first release for Neilson since her award-winning album “Kingmaker” stunned fans and press alike in 2022.

“Neilson is at the forefront of the women who are taking back country music. This is the Album of the Year”

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