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Wren Bellette’s New Single “Sailor” Premieres On Country HQ



Country HQ is proud to premiere Wren Bellette’s second solo track, “Sailor,” as she continues her journey to a full length album later this year., is co-produced by Taasha Coates of The Audreys.

“Bellette’s vocal will grab you from the very first notes and hold onto you, expressing pain, dismay and, ultimately, defiance.” Sunburnt Country Music used those exact words to describe Wren’s first solo track, “Woman,” when they debuted it at the end of last year.

Michael Park of the prestigious syndicated radio programme The worldwide Americana Music Show remarked, “Let her voice speak for herself,” and the song went on to gain local playing, especially on ABC Country.

As a warm, resonant organ melody and a super laid-back rhythm join the waves,  the song features Wren’s incredibly soulful vocals, which are reminiscent of Frazey Ford’s (Be Good Tanyas) and hints of Jaime Wyatt’s, as well as a primary melodic motif provided by Emma Luker’s lilting melancholy on violin and an additional depth of country soul added by Gina Nott’s backup vocals.

Wren says that her muse came calling while she was performing at a Nashville performance, illustrating how inspiration can strike at the most inopportune moments.

“The line ‘I wish I was a sailor so I could sail past his shores’ came to me at a Kasey Chambers gig at The 5 Spot in 2018. I had to run into the toilet and finish the verse and record it while people were banging on the door.”

“Ironically, it’s not about me,” she admits. “It’s about a couple I know who were going through a tough time. I had no idea the extent to which the end of that relationship would affect my own.”

In a seamless fusion of Memphis R&B and Australian alt-country, Wren showcases her world-class songwriting and a voice that is captivating, profoundly soulful, and at times sorrowful.

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