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Dive into Jeremy Beggs’ Latest Single ‘Been Looking For’



Jeremy Beggs’ 2023 song ‘Hurtful Ways’ marked his entry onto the broader Americana scene. He had previously been a member of The Suffringtons for a long time, and his debut EP Layered Signs (2021) came after that.

Late last year, Jeremy released a single called “Signal Me In” in which he and Melbourne-based New Zealand artist Matt Joe Gow collaborated with Anthony Brooks on both the songwriting and recording sides. “Hurtful Ways” was their previous joint effort.

After initially collaborating on the song “Been Looking For” five years ago, Beggs and Brooks have given it an exciting new lease of life.

“Reflecting on a song Anthony and I collaborated on back in 2019, originally earmarked for another project that stalled, feels like stumbling upon a hidden gem,” he says. “Rediscovering it about 18 months ago sparked a creative resurgence in me, leading me to rework it with a distinct Americana flavour.”

While delving into the song’s significance, Beggs notices a touching symmetry in the title’s relevance, especially at this point in his creative revitalization. “The act of rediscovery, whether it’s of something tangible or a connection with someone, can be as fulfilling as the initial burst of creation,” according to him.

With a sound that can go from minimalist and ambient to swirling and cosmic, Beggs’ vocals, which are both wistful and yearning, create an ethereal, melancholy atmosphere. The record is backed by drums in the style of Levon Helm, Hammond organ, and a gritty electric guitar sound reminiscent of Neil Young’s peak country-rock.

“What truly brings me joy is how the recording captures the genuine authenticity of The Long Road Travellers (and some adopted ones),” according to Beggs. The creative process is a path of creation, reflection, and rediscovery that leads to deep fulfilment. What makes this journey even more memorable is the diverse collection of friends I’ve been lucky enough to rely on for their knowledge!

With his new Australian Americana sound, Jeremy has been honing his storytelling skills and his collaborative spirit, as showcased by his three new singles released in the past year.

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