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“A Bird That Won’t Sing” Comes Straight From The ‘Hart’



“In The Midnight Sky Alone” is the most recent album by soulful alt-country troubadour Rick Hart of Melbourne, Australia and the single “A Bird That Won’t Sing” is the new single from the album.

Rick Hart’s signature style is a melodically flowing, harmony-laden environment overlaid with the profound grief of his words and visuals. All of Hart’s tracks have the signature Americana and country sounds that make him unique. There is a noticeable amount of Wilco and The Jayhawks influence.

An emotionally charged story on the harsh truth of heartbreak. Everything that was once is gone, and with it comes an unwavering sense of regret and the knowledge that change is inevitable.

“Rick Hart writes and delivers beautiful country songs – they are thoughtful, poignant, heartbreaking and smart,” remarked legendary Australian musician and songwriter Lachlan Bryan of Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes and The Pleasures, who co-produced Hart’s third long play . “I wanted to work on this record because I already believed every word he sings, and after spending weeks in the studio with Rick and his guitar, I now KNOW them all to be true”

Early reviews of the album indicate it’s amazing reach and potential to appear on several year end top ten lists, even though we are not even at the halfway point yet.

Based on Michael George Smith’s review of the album ‘In The Midnight Sky Alone’ in Rhythms Magazine, “the songwriter that the record portrays is a storyteller of the heart.”

“You really should listen to this album in its entirety because, first, if you skip around, you’ll miss out on some of the characters and stories told throughout, and second, if you just listen to a couple of songs, you won’t get nearly the whole experience that this album offers. I get that we live in a singles-based culture, and I’ll admit that there are a number of tracks that would grab my attention if I only listened to the singles, but listening to the entire album has been incredibly rewarding.”
‘In The Midnight Sky Alone’ album review in RAGMAG

“Hart is a refreshing counterpart to the plethora of male singers who have gone awry of country tradition. Hart is a perfect antidote to whatever bro-hangover still looms over us and has the same refreshing appeal that Sam Outlaw’s debut album had”. For The Country Record

“This is impressive songwriting! The melodic aspects perfectly capture the emotional tone of the songs. The classic alt country/R&B musical aspects are brilliant. It’s a genuine pleasure to review this exceptionally high level of songwriting.“ The Great American Songwriting Contest

“With his deeply soulful voice, Rick Hart journeys to the heart of modern Americana-alt-country, where frankness, sadness and songs collide.” Greg Arnold (Things of Stone and Wood)

“I’ve worked with Rick Hart, and he’s a superb songwriter! Rick’s music is a unique combination of roots and country.” – Bill Chambers (Australian Country Music Icon) –

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