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Lainey Wilson Returns With “Hang Tight Honey”



Country music fans are buzzing with excitement as Lainey Wilson, the chart-topping singer-songwriter, releases her latest single, “Hang Tight Honey.” This new track is a standout addition to Wilson’s already impressive discography and serves as the lead single from her upcoming fourth studio album, “Whirlwind,” set to drop on August 23, 2024.

“Hang Tight Honey” showcases Wilson’s signature blend of country roots with a modern twist, offering listeners a countrified funk-rock hybrid that’s both fresh and familiar. The song was released on May 20, 2024, and has been making waves ever since. Written by Wilson alongside Jason Nix, Paul Sikes, and Driver Williams, and produced by the renowned Jay Joyce, the single is a testament to Wilson’s growth as an artist and her ability to craft songs that resonate deeply with her audience.

The inspiration behind “Hang Tight Honey” stems from Wilson’s personal experiences on the road and pays tribute to the strength and tenacity of women while also infusing a fresh, contemporary vibe, serving as a testament to Wilson’s artistry and creativity, solidifying her position as a trailblazer in the modern country music scene.

The lyrics convey a sense of longing for home and the comfort of being with loved ones, a sentiment that many touring musicians can relate to. Despite the challenges of a nomadic lifestyle, Wilson finds solace in the work she does and the joy it brings to her fans.

Wilson first introduced “Hang Tight Honey” to the world with a live performance at the 59th Academy of Country Music Awards on May 16, 2024, where she also covered “God Blessed Texas”. The single has since debuted on the Billboard Country Airplay chart at number 19 and continues to climb, reflecting the song’s infectious melody and Wilson’s powerful vocals.

Fans can catch Wilson performing “Hang Tight Honey” live on her headlining tour, “Country’s Cool Again,” which kicked off on May 31, 2024, in Nashville. With her new album “Whirlwind” on the horizon and a tour underway, Lainey Wilson is set to take the country music scene by storm, proving once again why she’s one of the genre’s most exciting and beloved artists.

For those eager to hear “Hang Tight Honey,” the single is available across various streaming platforms, and the official audio can be found on Wilson’s YouTube channel. As we await the release of “Whirlwind,” “Hang Tight Honey” serves as the perfect appetiser, leaving fans hungry for more of Lainey Wilson’s heartfelt storytelling and dynamic sound.

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