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Spotlight On…..Wren Bellette



In the latest episode of Country HQ Spotlight On, we delve into the soulful world of Wren Bellette, a Melbourne-based songstress who has been enchanting audiences with her unique blend of Country and Americana. With a voice that carries the depth of soul country and the free spirit of Americana, Wren has established herself as a standout artist in the Australian music scene.

Join us as we explore Wren’s musical journey that leads to her deeply impressive debut album “This Love Will Die,” released on August 16th, and the stories behind her world-class songwriting. Wren will also give us an exclusive insight into her latest single, ‘Road Less Travelled’ and the anticipation building around it.

Don’t miss the chance to hear Wren’s thoughts on the evolution of her sound, her experiences moving from band to solo artist, and how her roots have influenced her music. We’ll also get a sneak peek into her upcoming projects and her vision for the future of country music.

Tune in for an intimate session with Wren Bellette, where music meets storytelling, and discover the passion that drives one of the most compelling voices in today’s country and Americana landscape.

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