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Wren Bellette’s “The Road Less Travelled” Is A Prelude to Heartfelt New Album



Wren Bellette weaves her moving new track “The Road Less Travelled,” a preview of her first album “This Love Will Die,” which is set to be released on August 16, into the fabric of contemporary the Americana quilt.

The fourth and last single from the album, “The Road Less Travelled,” is a moving song that captures the sincerity and reflection that define Bellette’s music. Though it echoes the feelings of Robert Frost’s well-known poem, the song is a lyrical examination of decisions and routes not taken that is uniquely Bellette’s own trip through life’s less traveled paths.

Former member of the Adelaide band The Heggarties , Bellette has started a solo career that she hopes will enthrall audiences with her unvarnished honesty and lyrical profundity. Her co-production of the album with Taasha Coates of The Audreys suggests an emotional landscape and musical integrity-rich atmosphere.

This is one of my absolute favourites that I have written,” says Wren. “I wrote this as the final song in mind. It’s about how there are no guarantees in life and that sometimes you need to be brave and take a new road knowing that your life will never be the same again… and with that comes a new journey with all of its own challenges.” 

Bellette’s love of the vintage songwriter sound is highlighted by the single’s world debut on ABC’s Tower of Song, which is renowned for its varied and retro vibes and is the ideal setting for her storytelling ability. The way that the song has been received bodes well for the solo album adventure of the Melbourne-based musician.

“This Love Will Die” is more than just the name of the album; Bellette painstakingly builds a story arc that delves into themes of love, grief, and the irony of life’s short moments. Bellette called the album preview a “cheeky little listen” and it has already made her fans excited to hear the whole story of her songs.

Fans of Americana and anybody who value the craft of storytelling through music should anticipate an album that not only highlights Bellette’s voice and lyrical skills but also her capacity to deeply engage the listener as the release date draws near. “The Road Less Travelled” is an invitation to travel with Wren Bellette on a musical discovery voyage where every note and phrase is a step on a path full of heart and soul, not just a song.

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